Online Chess Composing Tourneys Edition 2023-2024  organized by the ``Curierul Problemistic`` magazine

   The autumn of this year is not only rich in agricultural harvests but also in novelties from the Romanian chess composition. After a year of inactivity, we come back with more strength and desire to work in the editing of the magazine. The causes of the interruption of our activity are multiple, the main cause being the fatigue accumulated in the more than 15 years of advertising activity. If someone thinks that it is easy to edit two chess magazines, then let them know that they are wrong. Looking back at our activity, we cannot say that we did not make mistakes many times. We recognize that mistakes were made and we hope not to make them again in the future. In this sense, we tried to develop a system of online publication of your chess problems and we called it Online Chess Composing Tourneys.O.C.C.T is organized by the magazines e4 e5 and Curierul Problemistic, it is open to all beginner or established problemists and allows the automatic registration of compositions. After the problems have been posted on the website, they will be published in our magazines shortly. We will briefly introduce you how to publish problems. I hope you like it and find it useful.


The first step.    If you do not have an account, then click on Sign-up and create it. 

In a short time you will receive an email with the password to connect. For login use

The second step.  After entering the program, select the page for publishing the problem.

For to edit the page of the problem use the next command.

The third step.  Edit the problem with your name and city. For copy use CTRL+S and for paste use CTRL+V.

The fourth step.  Click on  DIAGRAM CREATOR from to create the diagram and image url. Copy the image url and open the image icon.   

Paste the image url and edit the diagram. Then save OK!

The fifth step. Edit the number of parts and twins of the problem (if applicable). It is not mandatory to publish the solution to the problem. Finally, you must save everything you published with the order 

Thank you for collaboration!